Fajr aviation industry unveils new light aircraft

A new Iranian-built twin-engine light aircraft was unveiled Monday in the presence of Defense Minister IRGC Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony, the minister said that the Faez (victor) aircraft was the result of work performed by engineers from the ministry and Fajr Aviation & Composites Industry.

The ceremony was held on the occasion of the 31st victory anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

The 175-kilogram aircraft, constructed largely from composite materials, has a claimed range of 1,500 km (three hours) with a maximum speed of 240 km per hour.

It is further claimed to be capable of landing both on land and sea (presumably with floats attached), carrying various logistic, medical and postal payloads.

Faez has successfully passed all test flights, said the minister, adding that the aircraft has the ability to be upgraded from a single-person to a double-person aircraft.

Source » uskowioniran

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