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ifmat-orangecompaniesOne Vision Investments 5 (Pty) Ltd.Transferred funds from Iran internationally, to circumvent U.S. and international sanctionsIranian Regime, EIKO, TEACO, Rey Investment CompanySouth AfricaMedium Alert- Entity sanctioned in the past for Terror or Illicit activities / WMD related / Human rights violations2017-05-05 16:09:17
ifmat-african-amines-pty-limitedAfrican Amines (Pty) LimitedExported 120 tons of the chemical dimethylamine (DMA), a precursor to the chemical warfare agent tabun, to the Iranian company Sasadja Moavenate BazarganiChemical Industry, Iranian RegimeSouth AfricaRisk Alert - Entity in a problematic sector – Sector controlled by the Top Alert entities2016-11-25 22:29:53

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