Iran’s oil exports to Europe down by another 39%

The state-run Fars news agency affiliated to IRGC published the news on 39% reduction in Iranian regime’s oil export to Europe and blaming the United States for the fall in the regime’s oil export and wrote: “Iran’s oil sales to Europe have fallen because of the U.S. threats, and Europeans are still planning to reduce their purchases of oil from Iran despite the JCPOA agreement.

Iran’s total crude oil and condensate exports in October will drop by about a fifth to a month earlier this month, reaching the lowest figure in the past 19 months, according to international news agencies.

Iran’s exports to Europe this month are expected to drop by 39% from a month earlier from 837,000 barrels to 510,000 barrels a day.

Italy, Spain, Turkey and other countries will cut 28, 77, 65 and 25 percent of their purchases of oil from Iran, respectively.

Source » ncr-iran

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