Family of slain detained protester under pressure

The family of slain protester Ali Pouladi said that the prisoner was completely healthy at the time of his arrest.

Following his death, officials made contradictory claims including that he suffered from epilepsy and heart disease. According to recent reports, his family is now under pressure not to talk to the media about Ali’s death. His brother was also recently summoned to the Intelligence Agency.

Ali Pouladi, approximately 26, died in the northern Iranian Chalus prison. He was arrested by State Security Forces on January 22, and transferred to the Detention Center of the Awareness Unit. His family were told on January 13, 2018, that the young man passed away in custody and the family needs to take back the body. Ali’s brother however said Ali did not have a particular illness and he was in complete health at the time of his arrest.

Source » iran-hrm

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