Iranian influence in Yemen is a source of worry for the international community.

This is especially so with Tehran moving ahead with violating United Nations resolutions on banning the export of arms to terrorist groups in Yemen, including the Iran-backed Houthi militia. These exports threaten to destabilize Yemen.

Iran keeps sending all types of arms to the Houthi militia, which exacerbates the conflict in Yemen.

A panel of United Nations experts has recently warned that Iran continues to supply the Houthis with arms, violating UN resolutions in this regard.

Arms supplies

Iran uses the Houthi militia in fulfilling its own agenda in Yemen. It supplies the militia with arms it uses in staging attacks against neighboring countries, especially Saudi Arabia. This threatens the security of the region.

The UN experts submitted their report about Iranian arms supplies to the Houthis to the Security Council. The report includes proof of Iranian involvement in these supplies which include guided missiles and anti-tank rockets. These arms carry a “Made in Iran” tag.

Former United States president Donald Trump imposed sanctions on the Houthis and designated their militia a “terrorist” organization.

However, incumbent President Joe Biden suspended the same decisions on February 26.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Joe Biden administration would make an urgent revision of the Houthi terrorist designation.

He noted that this designation was criticized by all agencies when it was first made by former president Trump.

The designation, he said, threatens the delivery of humanitarian aid to large parts of Yemen.

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