On Sunday, January 31, different classes of Iran’s society held rallies in front of the Parliament (Majlis) and other administrative offices, protesting officials’ failure to resolve their dilemmas. In this respect, Iranians held at least four rallies and strikes in different areas.

Rally of Experimental Teachers

Tehran province—teachers, who have been hired according to Article 28 as official-experimental educators, held a rally in front of the Parliament (Majlis). Protesters complained to officials for failing to balance teachers’ salaries and for the flagrant gap between experimental teachers’ wages and other staff of the Education Ministry.

“Our wage is 20 million rials [$80] while the poverty line is 100 million rials [$400],” teachers chanted. They also carried a placard, reading, “No to the discriminatory ranking – Yes to balancing the wage with other institutions.” Notably, staff affiliated with other educational institutions receive at least 70 million rials [$280].

Rally of Literacy Movement Educators

Tehran province—educators of the Literacy Movement held a rally in front of the Majlis as MPs discussed their recruitment conditions. For months, educators demanded the Education Ministry clarify their job conditions. However, the ministry has refrained from recognizing them as official teachers despite their services.

Following the teachers’ ongoing protests, the Majlis interfered in the issue and discussed the recruitment conditions. Nonetheless, the Majlis controlled by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s faction is exploiting teachers’ suffering for political interests, not resolving protesters’ dilemmas.

Rally of Landowners

Qazvin province—landowners of the Azimieh district held a rally in front of the local administrative offices. Previously, they had gathered in front of the Provincial Governorate and local municipality to protest officials’ refusal to issue permissions for construction.

“We urge the government to respect the rights of Azimieh district’s landowners. Permission for construction is our legal right,” protesters had written on a banner. “We have not been able to remain renters any longer,” read their banner.

Rally of Creditors

Isfahan province—creditors of Negin town held a rally in front of the local judiciary, protesting officials’ failure to follow up their demands. Twenty years ago, these people had purchased lands in this area. However, the fate of their money and properties is still bleak.

“We purchased these lands 20 years ago. However, we cannot obtain them yet. The judiciary has yet to do anything and has declined to answer our arguments,” said a protester. “We have argued for many years… What kind of justice is this?” chanted protesters.

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