It has regularly, and rightly, been pointed out that Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terror. Many of the Middle East’s worst problems are either directly caused or made far worse by the Iranian regime.

But, as our investigation into the SNP reveals, its operations extend far beyond the Middle East. It is not simply that it operates a network of fake social media and internet sites pushing the SNP’s cause; it is that leading SNP figures, from Nicola Sturgeon down, appear to have what one might charitably call a lack of concern about consorting with figures who are either, in effect, agents of the regime or who are deeply sympathetic to it.

Even the Iranians must be surprised at the ease with which they are able to operate in seeking to influence Scottish politics. It is deeply concerning.

Iran’s strategy has always been to destabilise its enemies, whether by terror or more subtle means. Promoting Scottish independence fits easily within that framework by destabiling the UK and the government in Westminster.

But there is a more obvious concern. The failure of senior political figures — and this applies far beyond the SNP — to look into the views and backgrounds of people with whom they mix, share platforms or even work directly, can only be dismissed as mistakes up to a certain point.

Beyond that — and we are now way beyond that — it is either reckless or deliberate. Iran and its supporters are more than merely dangerous.

They are a potent threat to our way of life and must be resisted in every way possible.

Inspiring acts

The shortlist for the JC Covid Hero Award, in partnership with Healthcare Clarity, is really only a snapshot of the astonishing acts of altruism which have marked the past year since the pandemic struck.

But each of those chosen represents something different — and something truly uplifting.

This has been a terrible, devastating year. But as our shortlist shows, we can take some solace from how many of us have reacted: with compassion, spirit, determination and sheer commitment.

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