Video: Fatalities reported as angry Iranians clash with security forces in Andimeshk

Last night, a few hours before Nowruz, Iranians in the southwestern city of Andimeshk clashed with security forces over the installment of a pro-regime billboard in their city with reports of fatalities.

The billboard had images of the so called “shrine defenders”, regime forces sent to fight for the Assad regime in Syria.

In mid-February, locals brought down the billboard in the southwestern province of Khuzestan. It was not installed again until last night.

During yesterday’s clashes, angry protesters attacked the pro-regime Red Crescent building and set fire to it.

Reports from inside Iran also indicate that they also set fire to cars and motorcycles which belonged to security forces.

According to local reports, security forces opened fire on protesters killing two people. These reports have yet to be confirmed.

State-run media said that a few people were injured during the clashes adding that the people of Andimeshk and the neighboring town of Dezful had clashed with each other over where the billboard should be installed.

Locals in Andimeshk have said that the clashes were with security forces and not between the people.

Source » irannewswire

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