Israel is concerned about an incident in Jerusalem, and it could be planning a “major operation in a sensitive area near al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem,” Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported.

Iran termed this an “unexpected event.” This is language coming from senior Iranian media sources close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The IRGC backs Hamas.

Hamas and other extremist groups have encouraged Palestinian tensions with Israel in Jerusalem during Ramadan. There were clashes and Palestinian media incitement against Israel’s foreign minister and other leaders on Sunday night.

The familiar cycle of accusing Israelis of “storming” the Old City of Jerusalem is imminent. Hamas incitement claiming it has a “right” to fire rockets will soon begin. The goal is another war with Israel like last year, a conflict orchestrated by Iran to test new rockets and drones.

This could be the messaging behind the Tasnim article. Iran is outraged by the recent Negev Summit of Arab foreign ministers in Israel, and it needs to increase its profile in the region.

Tehran wants to use Palestinian suffering to increase these profits. The profits for Iran are not necessarily financial, but rather using proxies against Israel.

Iranian media claim Israel is concerned that a new “operation” in Jerusalem could “bring a new wave of dangerous conflicts and will lead the Hamas movement and the [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad to a very bloody and serious reaction.”

Israeli media have indeed reported that Israel could be ready for another conflict of the sort that took place last year. The driver behind these conflicts is Hamas and PIJ, as well as Iran.

Iran says Israel will launch an “operation [that] may target Palestinian Muslim worshipers who go to al-Aqsa Mosque to offer prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.”

Iranian media say Qatar and Jordan are trying to mediate in an effort to reduce the chance of violence. Yet Iran’s leader reportedly spoke to his Qatar counterpart this week.

It is unclear if that is linked to the claim that Qatar might reduce tensions. Since Iran wants tensions, it’s unclear what the discussion would be about.

“According to the same sources, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke with Jordanian King Abdullah II last night and praised his efforts to calm the situation in the occupied territories,” an Iranian media outlet reported.

Obviously, Tehran is not happy to see peacemakers trying to reduce the tensions.

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