Iran supporting more than 100 Shiite terror groups

A recent report in Al Hayat, one of the largest and most-respected pan-Arab dailies, charges that Iran is supporting more than 100 Shiite extremist organizations and militias in Syria and Iraq.
The newspaper, which is published in London and funded by Saudi Arabia, says the crimes of these groups are no less horrific than those of the Islamic State.
In Iraq, the Iranian-funded armed militias comprised of Persians have capabilities far beyond those of the Iraqi security forces. The paper quotes academics who commented that the purpose of these militias is to target the Arabs in Iraq, both Sunni and Shiite.
In the Arab world, there is anger that the international media is ignoring the atrocities being committed by these militias. Hussein Al Muayid, an Iraqi religious scholar and advisor to the general secretary of the Muslim World League, pointedly questioned why the media as well as political figures focus only on the activities of the terror activities of Sunni organizations.
Muayid claims such selective reporting serves to makes an implicit statement that the Sunni world is responsible for all the terror in the world.

ifmat_100terrorgroupIn addition, while governments, experts and clerics issuing fatwas are refusing to give any aid to these Sunni terror organizations, Muayid says Shiite militias, which perpetrate the most horrific acts, enjoy the support of the Iranian ayatollahs, the highest religious authorities in Iran, and the financial and military support of the Islamic republic.
Western researchers and Arab analysts believe that Iran is supporting more than 50 militias in Iraq and another 50 in Syria whose atrocities are not less than those of the Islamic State.


The following is a list of most of the Shiite militias that are loyal to Iran and are active in Iraq:

1.       Gangs of the People of the Truth
2.       Companies of the Churasani Pioneer
3.       Battalions of the Lord of the Martyrs
4.       Noble Movement of Hezbollah
5.       Hezbollah Battalions
6.       Companies of Peace
7.       Corps of the Loyal Promise
8.       Bader Organization – Military Wing
9.       Brigade of Omar ibn Yasser
10.   Brigade of Assad Allah el Raleb
11.   Brigade of the Promised Day
12.   Battalions of the Supporters of Elhaja
13.   Battalions of the Sacred Defense
14.   Brigade of Elkariya
15.   Companies of Alzahra
16.   Brigade of Zu Elfakar
17.   Brigade of the Guarantors of Zainab
18.   Companies of the Supporters of the Belief
19.   Brigade  Al Muntazir
20.   Badar Special Groups
21.   Brigade of Abu Elfader Elabbas
22.   Movement of Al Jihad and al Bina
23.   Companies of the Public Defense
24.   Battalions of the Shiite Brigade
25.   Hezbollah the Rebels
26.   Battalions of the Anger
27.   Brigade of the Youths With Missions
28.   Hezbollah Battalions of the Missing Imam
29.   Battalions With the Direction of the Message
30.   Ashura Companies
31.   Battalions of Malek Elashtar
32.   Elabdar Movement
33.   Battalions of the Imam Ali
34.   Army of the Muktar
35.   Public Draft
36.   Elhamad Brigade
37.   Brigade of the Existing Imam
38.   Eladiat Brigade – Special Guard
39.   Movement of the Loyal Supporters of Allah
40.   Brigade of the 5th Special Guard


Source: / Clarionproject /

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