Iranian oil shipment through The Suez canal provides a route for oil from Iran to Syria

An Iranian flagged crude tanker named Daryabord (IMO: 9422366) arrived in the Syrian government-controlled port of Baniyas, from the port of Khark in Iran. It is believed that the NTS National Iranian tank company did the transfer.

It is an example of the continued support that Iran provides the Syrian government in the form of oil, even though they do this under sanctions.

Whereas previously, the ship, capable of carrying up to one million barrels of oil, would change its flags and name, in an apparent attempt to keep its trips to Syria under the radar, this time it flew under the Iranian flag.

The ship arrived via the Suez canal, stopping off at Port Said in Egypt.

Iran will continue their support, and there is no indication that this will stop, as the latest oil shipment indicates,” said Dr Marwan Qabalan from the Doha Institute think tank.

Iran wants to keep Bashar al-Assad in power to sustain influence in Iraq and Hizballah – there will be no fundamental change,” he said.
Iran, however, is not the only entity still shipping oil to Assad. A oil tanker flying under a Gibraltor flag, Oralynn, travelling from the Terneuzen port in the Netherlands, drew up to the port of Latakia on Thursday.

Source: / Alwababa /

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