All the efforts of the ruling mullahs in Iran are so that the international community recognizes them as a regional power, in a form beyond the international norm, and in accordance with their willful chaos, which is their ultimate goal.

Naturally, such a factor, given their hostile ideological behaviors that threaten the security of the world, is not only impossible, but it causes all those states operating within the framework of the political-diplomatic standards which the Islamic regime rejects, to react, and this is already happening.

Their hackneyed approach to exporting the revolution, based on slogans such as “Death to America,” and “Death to Israel,” mobilizing and training militant groups and terrorist organizations from Lebanon to Argentina, is just one example of the implementation of the foreign policies of a regime responsible for the expansion and escalation of terrorism and danger throughout the world. Yet, within international spheres, this duplicity seems to be acceptable.

The experience of forty years of Islamic fundamentalism in Iran proves that the mullahs have transformed this country, one which before their arrival was headed for growth and progress, and more importantly, peace and friendship, into a backward and violent country, serving terrorists. Along with the Iranian people, the world at large has also had to pay a very high price.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the appeasement of the European countries, and the Obama administration’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or the Iran nuclear deal, afforded the Khomeinist regime the latitude to transgress further. As a result, Tehran’s brass intensified its oppression inside Iran and throughout the Middle East, and created an arena for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps to run amuck. This has resulted in heightened terrorism in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, to name a few countries.

As such, President Trump’s deft plan of exiting from the JCPOA, which had been touted as a successful foreign policy coup by supporters of the accord, exposed the real face of the terrorist leaders of the Islamic Republic, who, on the basis of this accord, had taken liberties to expand their support for regional terrorism. Trump’s action revealed and destroyed covert plans to escalate tensions in various areas.

The discredited Khomeinist regime, which generates crises far and wide, has now had to cut back its troublemaking in other countries. It is now limited to a semi-periphery approach in Iraq, belligerence in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, supporting the Yemeni Houthis, conducting blind terrorist attacks, and naval piracy.

What is clear now is that Tehran is out to extort others by initiating crises and making threats, in order to appoint itself as the agent of security in the region, and the only actor who can, in fact, enforce stability. The mullahs’ intention is to thereby promote themselves as the decisive factor, something they have repeatedly declared.

By ignoring the ongoing destruction caused by the Islamic regime, the European Union will be forced to pay a price, whose losses will far exceed the profits of the JCPOA for them. The best way to escape the chaos of terrorism is for them to adhere to the Trump’s administration’s maximum pressure campaign in confronting the godfather of terrorism, a regime that has taken Iran hostage for these past 40 years.

Ultimately, European countries are now turning to the Persian Gulf Coalition to escape the mullahs’ terrorist attacks; while, what can be seen in the Persian Gulf today is a result of the same JCPOA that the Europeans still want to adhere to! That is the reason for the continuation of this regime of bandits ruling Iran.

Source » isicrc