Questions are being raised as to whether Boris Johnson is the true friend of Israel he said he was, especially after his appointment of Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the Jewish Chronicle reported Thursday.

Johnson was harshly criticized by the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) who described him as someone who “likes to present himself as a friend of Israel, but has appointed a Defence Secretary who appears anything but.” They added that Wallace’s previous conduct was “utterly shocking.”
Wallace is known to have aligned himself with Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, with whom he had visited Iran with in 2015. He described Corbyn as “an honest left-winger who genuinely likes people,” adding that others competing in the then-Labour leadership contest “should look and learn from.”

Wallace is known to have been a frequent visitor to Iran and even bragged to his constituents that he had visited Iran more than any other MP.

In December 2015, Wallace claimed that he is “often accused by some of being too pro-Iran, as it is my view that any solution to Syria and Afghanistan needs to include Iran.

“As an MP I have visited Iran more than any other parliamentarian and the last time I went I did so with Jeremy Corbyn. Only now the UK and US seem to be following my position on Iran and I welcome that.”

In January 2014, Wallace was part of a four-man delegation (including Corbyn) who traveled to Tehran to meet President Hassan Rouhani.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Wallace wrote in March 2014 that “Those who think Iran’s desire to enrich is about an A bomb fail to understand Iran,” and wrote further “what a coincidence on the day EU meets Iran president a plethora of Iran conspiracy theories… I wonder who might be puffing these stories?”

Last year, he was involved in hindering efforts to totally block the Hezbollah terror organization, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

In February 2018, he compared the Labour leader to Kim Philby, the Cold War double agent, in an interview with Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.

“One can only hope Ben Wallace has changed his mind permanently over his opinion of Mr Corbyn,” the Jewish Chronicle quoted another community source saying .

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