Saudi Arabia’s envoy to Yemen accused Iran of being behind an attack on a military parade in Aden on Thursday that the Iran-aligned Al Houthi militia has claimed responsibility for.

Envoy Mohammed Bin Saeed Al Jabir, in a Twitter post, also blamed Iran for a separate attack on a police station in the southern port city, which no one has claimed yet. Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malek Saeed, in separate tweets, said the attacks were coordinated under “Iran’s administration”. At least 51 people were killed in the attacks.

A missile attack, claimed by Iran-allied Al Houthi militants, targeted a military parade at Al Jalaa camp in western Aden, while a car bombing hit a police station in the centre of the city. So far there has been no claim of responsibility for the bombing.

“The synchronised targeting by forces of Al Houthi rebels and terrorist groups against security and stability in Aden emphasises coordination and integration under a clear Iranian management,” Abdul Malek said in a tweet, marking the government’s first reaction to the attacks.

Al Houthi television Al Masirah earlier Thursday reported that the extremists had fired an explosive drone and a medium-range ballistic missile at the camp in Aden’s district of Breiqa.

Yemen’s internationally recognised government and an Arab alliance, fighting Al Houthis, have repeatedly accused Iran of illegally supplying the extremists with weapons.

Source » gulfnews