Iran is ready to deliver their air defense systems to Lebanon for free, the Russian publication Aria.Pro reported on Saturday.

According to the publication, due to Israel’s constant overflights and attacks in Syria, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, Iran is offering to donate their air defense systems to protect Lebanese airspace.

“Experts believe that Lebanon may well take advantage of such a proposal, since today this state does not have its own air defense systems,” the publication claimed.

“Despite the fact that the Iranian air defense systems have a relatively short range – up to 200 kilometers – when deploying these air defense systems in the northern part of the country, Israel is unlikely to bypass them without endangering their pilots,” they said, adding “Moreover, according to Tehran, the latest Iranian air defense systems are able to detect even stealth aircraft.”

Lebanon has received this offer before from Iran; however, if they were to accept this proposal, they would most likely be sanctioned and no longer receive weapons from Western nations.

Source » almasdarnews