An Iranian journalist, Amir Tohid Fazel, who was accompanying Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on his Scandinavian tour, refused to return to Iran and has sought asylum in Sweden, according to Kayhan daily, the newspaper close to the Supreme Leader. Kayhan called Fazel a“traitor.”

Fazel, worked for Iran’s Moj news agency and had previously worked for the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Moj’s editor-in-chief, Amir Mortazavi, told the Iranian news site Ensaf News on Saturday: “He was a political editor at the agency and was sent to Sweden with the Foreign Ministry.”

The Islamic regime’s Foreign Ministry has not, as of yet issued any official responses to reports of Fazel not returning to Iran.

“Everyone has the right to make decisions for their own life. No one knows what the future holds. Only the narrow-minded speak about things about which they know nothing,” Fazel tweeted on Saturday, not confirming nor denying the news about him seeking asylum in Sweden.

Fazel then retweeted two tweets by prominent anti-regime Iranian journalist Ali Javanmardi. The first one read: “The political editor of Mowj news agency, is with the people. Amir Towhis Fazel accompanied Javad Zarif, the Islamic regime’s Foreign Minister called upon the Islamic regime to be released and announced that he is joining the Iranian people.”

Javanmardi’s second tweet read: “Amir Tohid Fazel will soon address the Iranian people about this. The Islamic regime’s media outlets have no credibility in this regard. #ThisRegimeIsOnItsWayOut” the tweet read.

Source » thefreeiranian