Israeli media reported that the country’s security apparatus last June thwarted an Iranian terrorist operation to assassinate two Israeli nationals in Colombia.

Although Israeli media did not release further details about the incident, Israeli political analyst Shlomo Ganor told Al-Hadath that an Iranian national had attempted to assassinate two Israeli businessmen in the capital, Bogota.

Ganor added that the man accused of plotting to assassinate two Israeli nationals in Colombia was Rahmat Asadi, 40, who is also wanted for plotting to assassinate a British-Iranian national in 2014.

The Israeli analyst said Asadi was wanted by Interpol for allegedly plotting to murder.

In an interview with Al-Hadath, Ganor also stressed that Asadi was trying to carry out terrorist operations in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and African countries. He explained that Asadi was using a network of local criminals in Bogota to try to trap Israeli investors.

Shlomo Ganor said that the Iranian embassy in Bogota has two staff members whose activities go beyond diplomatic behavior to hostile acts, assassinations and drug trafficking.

Iran has assassinated dozens of innocent people across four continents — in Asia, Europe, North America and South America — over the four decades since the 1979 revolution.

As of September 2020, the Islamic Republic had reportedly assassinated at least 21 opponents abroad and killed hundreds in bombings of foreign military, diplomatic and cultural facilities. It targeted Americans, Europeans, Latin Americans, Israelis and Arabs as well as Iranian opposition members living abroad, according to U.S., U.N., Israeli and other government reports.

The Qods Force, the elite wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) that operates outside Iran, has been linked to most of the attacks or plots.

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