IRGC supporter spreading terror in Toronto among Canadians


IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

On Sunday Aug 30, 2020, Scotia bank employee, Mr. HamidReza Afkari, got involved into a harsh conversation with some concern citizens in Toronto streets. He publicly and openly threatened Canadian citizens on Canada soil about being arrested and tortured and killed by a well-known terrorist organization named IRGC. Hamid Reza Afkari also threatened to murder them if they are against Islamic regime. He openly supporting Iranian regime propaganda and threatening his opponents to be deported and imprisoned by IRGC. He says that he will die for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The video of his threat:

He told them “the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) will show you”, meaning they’ll get tortured and killed once in Iran.

Scotia Bank must do something about employee Hamid Reza Afkari who threatened people by saying terrorist group “IRGC will take care of you”? Also Toronto Police should react. Canada must investigate this guy. Iranian threats against Canadians continue even after IRGC downed #PS752 airline killing 76 innocents Canadians in Jan 2020.

IRGC is a terrorist organization which is heavily involved with money laundry. Under AML (anti-money laundering) laws, Scotiabank has to abide by to avoid dealing with dirty money (for example from terrorist organization). Now you have a bank employee with risk of connections to IRGC and that increases such risks for Scotiabank. HamidReza Afkari may abuse his privileges as an employee to cause harm and issue threats. He may use Scotiabank for the terrorist organization IRGC.

IRGC is looking for a Canadian version of Hezbollah.

IRGC is pumping money to Iranian community in Canada and recruiting young people for their ideology. A branch of Iran’s military, tasked with upholding the brutal Islamist dictatorship and supporting its terror proxies such as Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the IRGC is a quintessential example of an influential group with clear, radical and violent intentions. It also has a long history of acting on these intentions. Not only does the IRGC frequently target Jews while continually threatening to eradicate Israel, it also harshly punishes and harasses Iranians who oppose the Islamist regime, and are passionate about having the right to common constitutional practices and ensuring equality is returned to Iran.

It is astonishing that Canadian government continues to remain passive in the face of one of the world’s most serious threats to peace and security. Canadians do not tolerate these kind of behaviors on Canadian soil and authorities MUST ACT on these kind provocations and threats!

For many Canadians of Iranian origin, the question of terrorism and the impact it can have hits far too close to home. Ever since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Tehran regime has openly positioned itself as a major promoter of violence, terror and hate. Political repression, and the notorious religious police, continue to act against religious and ethnic minorities such as Baha’is and anti-regime Iranians.

Last June in the House of Commons, the prime minister stated, “Mr. Speaker, we deeply oppose Iran’s support for terrorist organizations, its threats toward Israel, its ballistic missile program, and its support for the murderous Assad regime. We will always defend human rights and hold Iran to account for its actions.”

IRGC is spreading in Canada like a virus and it needs to be STOPPED by the Canadian authorities before it is too late and they are infiltrated in Canadian politics and economy.

There are many more videos where IRGC supporters attack peaceful protesters with Iranian origins — An unknown young man got involve into a conversation and at one point, he pointed to his “belt area” and says” I have gun, I kill you all”.

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