political prisoner Ghader Mohammadzadeh is in dire health after 39 days of hunger strike in protest of the prosecutor’s rejection of his request for leave.

A member of the political prisoner’s family told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network that Ghader Mohammadzadeh is in dire health.

He described that the court and the Yazd prison officials have accepted Mohammadzadeh’s request for leave, and a bail of one billion Tomans has been set and handed over to the Mahabad judiciary.

But “Mehrab Akbarpour, the prosecutor of Mahabad” has objected to the granting of leave because of national security charges against Ghader Mohammadzadeh.

According to the informed source, Mr. Mohammadzadeh stated in his last phone call with his family that although he has become very weak as a result of the hunger strike, he well continue his hunger strike until his demands are met.

He demands his right to leave after serving 16 years in prison.

Ghader Mohammadzadeh who has been serving his sentence in Urmia and Yazd prisons for 16 years without a single day of furlough, started his hunger strike on July 31.

Mohammadzadeh was arrested by intelligence forces in Bukan on December 11, 2005 and sentenced to death by the Mahabad Revolutionary Court on charges of “moharebeh” through membership in the Komala Party. However, the sentence was commuted to 20 years in prison and exile to Yazd Central Prison by the provincial court of appeals.

Source » iran-hrm