Former Hezbollah Secretary General releases video attacking Khamenei

Subhi al-Tufayli, former Hezbollah Secretary General a video circulated on social media attacking Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Al-Tufayli accuses Khameinei of being the “greatest protector” of corruption in Iraq and Lebanon saying: “Isn’t it shameful to accuse those who are complaining of oppression of being agents of foreign countries? Are those killed on the streets agents? You claim to be the leader of Muslims, not just Iranians. Does such a leader accept to kill the hungry and protect the corrupt and the criminals?” He adds: “No less than 250 people were killed and 11,000 wounded. Those who killed them are your gunmen. Your gunmen in Lebanon have also killed us.”

He continued:“Just yesterday, your gang killed unarmed innocents and burned their tents,” he said of attacks against Iraqi protesters.

On Lebanon, he says: “Thieves have been robbing it since 1972 and your group has been supporting them. They have filled the country with corruption.”

“Does our religion teach us to be dirty, corrupt and murderous thieves?”

“What do you call the money that you have spent in Syria.”

Source » thefreeiranian

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