Young people in Iran are ready for a new revolution

Forty years after the Islamic revolution in Iran, most of the country’s population consists of young people who have had no role in the creation or choosing the current regime.

During these years the Islamic regime has embarked on a relentless campaign to propagandize and warp the truth about Iran’s cultural and historical past. By changing the textbooks, mullahs have tried to create an identity crisis among the Iranian youth in order to manipulate the future generations and secure the Khomeinist ideology.

One of the most important actions of the Islamic regime in defying the Iranian culture is creating propaganda against the late Shah of Iran; mullahs who seized power through disseminating false information, present the late Shah’s era as corrupt and bloody.

From the mullahs’ point of view, a happy society, free education and healthcare, social freedom, security and welfare, recognizing the women’s rights, international status, economic prosperity and joining the modern world which were achieved before the Islamic revolution are deemed blasphemous.

After forty years of propaganda, it’s clear now, especially for the Iranian youth that the Islamic regime has victimized them and ruined their lives in order to achieve their ideological objectives.

Animosity toward pre-Islamic Iranian culture and abusing the people to impose their doctrinaire structure has been a major part of the Islamic regime’s efforts to undermine the history of Iran and alienate the people from their civilization. Nowadays, Iranians have understood that the Islamic regime has targeted their national and cultural foundations, so they fight the regime by honoring their national founders and history makers.

Although the Islamic regime tries to counter these efforts through ‘made up’ opposition groups, their efforts are nullified by Iranians who cherish their true identity.

The Islamic regime presents internationally known terrorists such as Qassem Soleimani and Mohsen Hojaji as national heroes in order to cover their savagery and eliminate popular public figures.

Observing Cyrus the Great Day by Iranian masses is a telling sign of their opposition to the regime. The Islamic regime who does not tolerate such observances, dispatch security forces and close major routes leading to the historic site of the Cyrus the Great’s tomb, Pasargadae.

The regime suppresses the Iranians’ cultural emotions while its senior officials such as Hassan Rouhani speak highly of Iran’s civilization and culture every time they are under internal and external pressure.

Most of the Iranian people who are now aware of the mullahs’ plots, view respecting and protecting the national values as the regime’s weak spot and in the wake of these events. To that end the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has supported the Iranian people and paid homage to Cyrus the Great.

Most Iranians respect Pahlavi kings, despite the regime’s relentless demonization of the late Shah, and the international left’s persistent big lies, many in Iran remember him with kindness.

All in all Iran is ripe for a new revolution to return to its road to modernism; one which was opportunistically stopped by the regressive Islamic revolutionaries and their allies in the West.

The regional developments especially in Lebanon and Iraq portend the downfall of the Islamic regime; hopefully the Iranian people will reclaim their credibility and distinction by repossessing their country from mullahs.

Source » thefreeiranian

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