Massive demonstrations of steel and sugar cane workers began two weeks ago. Teachers joined them in solidarity last week chanting anti-regime slogans such as “death to Rouhani” in nationwide walkouts. The workers demanded their unpaid salaries, better working conditions and the release of their imprisoned colleagues.

Iranian dissident Hossein Abedini of the National Council of Resistance of Iran – who was targeted in an assassination attempt in Turkey – has spoken to about the situation, which could see the protestors publicly executed for what the regime sees as serious crimes.

He said: “The Iranian people believe the regime is rotten in its entirety.

“During the protests, people have been shouting ‘down with Khamenei’ and ‘death to Rouhani’.

“Iran is now in a very explosive situation.

The strikes have been going on all over the country

“There have been mass protests and strikes going on all over the country.

“What started in December last year has expanded to the whole country.”

The protestors, who are risking their lives by simply exercising freedom of speech, have been chanting: “Even if we die, we will get our rights.”

The strike action of the Haft Tappeh sugarcane mill and Ahvaz Steelworks prompted Sadegh Larijani, the head of the regime’s judiciary, to arrive on the scene.

The strikes began last December and have shown no signs of dwindling since (Image: NCRI)

Mr Larijani attempted to intimate the strikers, saying: “We must deal with those who want to disrupt the order of the country, under the pretext of pursuing the demands of workers.

“Workers should not allow their demands to be an excuse for the use of enemies and to create disorder.”

The repressive forces of the regime tried to prevent the demonstrations, but despite the intensive presence of state security forces, anti-riot guards and plainclothes officers, the workers continued their strike for the third week.

The disenchanted Iranians gathered in front of regime buildings in the southwestern city of Ahvaz, broke the blockade of repressive forces and rallied in the streets.

The protestors have been chanting anti-regime slogans as they hope the topple Rouhani (Image: NCRI)

Video footage shows them shouting as they were accompanied by a group of Ahvazi youth: “We stand, we die, we get our rights, the worker dies, he does not accept humiliation.”

Despite the very real threat to their lives, the strikers plan to continue their industrial action to demand regime change.

Mr Abedini was almost killed by the Iranian regime because of his open opposition to its brutal ways.

Of the failed assassination attempt, he said: “I was in Turkey when my car was ambushed and I was shot in my chest, close to my heart.

“It very narrowly missed my heart.”

He added: “Even when I was in hospital they tried to finish me off – pretending to be Turkish police.

“So as a survivor, I am able to speak out against the regime.”

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