New warnings from Iran Regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei about increased unrest in 2019 shows that the Regime as a whole is scared of growing popular protests.

The state-run Tasnim News Agency reported that during a meeting with the families of the so-called “Shrine Defenders” who were killed in Syria and Iraq, Khamenei accused the US of planning to “create [disruption] and civil war with the help of sanctions and counter security measures” and “drag people on the streets” to protest in Iran.

He told the families that “contrary to the irrelevant analysis of some people who were senseless and attached to the West” the regime was strong and claimed that they would “celebrate the occasion [of the Regime’s 40th Birthday in February] grander than previous years”, in response to comments from UN National Security Advisor John Bolton that the Regime would not see its 40th birthday.

Despite these claims of strength, it is clear that Khamenei is terrified of upcoming anti-regime protests though, which is why he went all out to blame foreign “enemies” rather than acknowledging that the Iranian people want the Regime gone.

He said: “Though the enemy’s plans have been exposed, everyone must maintain their vigilance because the United States is a sinister and malicious enemy and may have intentions to deceive so that it could create tumult in 2018 but then, for example, have schemes for 2019.”

He warned the Regime to be “awake and alert” and told the Iranian youth to resist dissenting, as this would “prepare the field for the enemy”, despite calling the enemy “weak”.

So, the enemy is weak but easily able to turn the Iranian people against the Regime? It seems more likely that the Regime is weak and easily able to be overthrown by the Iranian people.

Khamenei then appeared to suggest that the Iranian people’s legitimate calls for regime change were the result of the failing economy and encouraged officials to strengthen internal production in order to reduce the people’s economic problems. While the dire economic state, which has left 80% of Iranians under the poverty line, has been a major trigger for protests, the root cause is still the rule of the Iranian Regime.

While on December 4, the Regime’s so-called Human Rights Chief Mohammad Javad Larijani accused Iran’s popular protests of being “sedition” guided by outside sources concerned over money, not rights and asked the Judiciary to quell them.

The Regime is so scared of its people that it will not listen to their demands.

Source » ncr-iran