“They are time-consuming and deceive the world”: The author of the book “Iran and the Persian Gulf” (Resling Publishing, 2012), Roei Kahanovich, who serves as a researcher of Iran, Iranian politics and culture, spoke with Gadi Ness on Radio North 104.5FM, and argued: “We need to take Iran’s threats to Israel as published in the Tehran Times very seriously, and to make our considerations.”

“Like any threat that comes, it should be taken seriously,” he continued. “Other organizations, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, are a tool in the hands of the Iranians to try and attack the State of Israel. However, there is still no need to panic or go in a bunker.”

“An Israeli attack or a joint one with the Americans, is not what will prevent the Iranians from striving for nuclear weapons,” the expert added. “This is a country that is scientific, which sees itself as a kind of power, with over 80 million people, a large part of whom are very educated. If we go back in history, Iran saw itself as a kind of regional power. As a sovereign state, it believes that nuclear weapons or technology will enable it to make a leap forward to a world power,” he added.

“What will be the response of Israel and the Americans, either diplomatically or militarily? I do not know. Because if there is an attack, it will not prevent the Iranians from continuing with the nuclear program, it may only delay them for several years, but not stop them completely,” he continued.

“The Iranians are publishing intelligence on the State of Israel, just as Western countries are gathering intelligence on it,” he said concerning the Tehran Times “map of targets” that was published yesterday morning. “They know exactly what the weaknesses of the State of Israel are, and they know which cities are strategically relevant. They also say themselves that Tel Aviv and Haifa will be the first to be hit by a serious attack as soon as a front with Israel opens.”

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