Iran built a guided missile in a drone’s body for rebels in Yemen

Last week, Conflict Armament Research published an investigation into Iranian technology transfers to Yemen. The investigation links a drone captured in northern Iraq, a drone-like body that crashed near Aden International Airport in Yemen, and an intercepted shipment full of drone-like parts, all curiously missing surveillance equipment. What is a drone without a camera? A weapon.

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Political Prisoner Summoned and Threatened by Prison Intelligence Agents

According to reports, political prisoner Saeid Sangar was summoned last week by intelligence agents in Urmia prison – North Western Iran, and threatened over his recording the prison events in his diaries. Prison officials have told the prisoner he’ll not be allowed to meet with his family members if he keeps writing about prison situation in his memoir.

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Britain: Iran Is the number One State Sponsor of Terrorism

At a debate in the House of Commons regarding Iran’s influence in the Middle East on March 22, Dr Matthew Offord MP said that the country is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. He highlighted that the Islamic Republic controls, backs, funds and trains Islamist terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas with the aim of destroying Israel.

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