Iran regime waiting for ISIS to be defeated to take ISIS place

Last week, it was reported that the ISIS lost the city of Deir al-Zor in Eastern Syria, a particularly oil-rich area, with the help of armed forces and allied forces. The ISIS is therefore about to face a huge defeat after losing control of Raqqa in central Syria – its capital.

The pro-Assad coalition of Iran and Russia backed forces announced the fall of Deir az-Zur, indicating that Albu Kamal on the Iraqi border is the last remaining town the ISIS has control of.

Deir az-Zur had been under siege for over three years and was divided with a small regime-held part and a large Islamic State-held part.

Assad’s coalition which is made up by predominantly Iran backed militias, launched an offensive in September to liberate the town. It was able to advance slowly until the ISIS defence collapsed last week.

Recognised Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani oversaw the efforts. He was spotted in al-Mayadeen in eastern Syrian a few days ago and he is said to be working on plans to free the remaining hubs in that part of the country.

The Syrian army said that a chemical weapon, several tanks and a large number of conventional weapons had been abandoned by the ISIS. There was also apparently a suicide attack in the town that resulted in the death of over a hundred people.

Experts say that the ISIS group is now made up of “scattered individuals” as opposed to a large organisation with an internal structure and hierarchy.

In Iraq, the ISIS has been defeated in all areas except a small town on the Euphrates River after efforts by forces backed by Iran.

Analysts predict that when the ISIS group is finally defeated in Syria, President Bashar al Assad will declare the presence of the United States as illegal.

It is hoped by many that when the US military has finished with the fight against the ISIS group, it will move towards countering Iran regime’s influence in Syria, Iraq and other areas of the Middle East.

Several leaders have been very outspoken about Iran regime’s malign influence, they understand that Iran has influence in many other countries outside its borders and they are warning that the situation will only get worse as Iran regime’s desperation increases.

The Trump administration is also very aware of the Iran threat, and unlike leaders elsewhere, in the European Union for example, he is not solely concentrating on the nuclear threat. He is aware that Iran regime’s ballistic missile program is ongoing and he recognises the need to put an end to Iran regime’s suppression of people at home.

The Trump administration spoke about transition of leadership in Iran and this is something that the Iranian regime fears because it understands the resolve of the people faced with it suppressive measures. It knows that the Iranian regime’s reign of terror over them could end with another uprising like the one in 2009.

Source » ncr-iran

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