SCOR Group

Risk Alert – Entity in a problematic sector – Sector controlled by the Top Alert entities

SCOR Group is France-based company;

On the Iranian Reinsurance Company official website, Company SCOR Group, is mentioned as their bussiness connection;

SCOR Group is company that have offices and is working in the United States;

Iran Reinsurance Company through SCOR Group U.S. subsidiaries can operate freely in the United States;

Iranian Bank Pasargad is one of the shareholders in Iran Reinsurance Company;

Bank Pasargad have connections to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) through its shareholders;

Kharazamni Investment Company which is owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) owns shares in Bank Pasargad;

Also Known As:
SCOR Group
SCOR Reinsurance
SCOR Reinsurance Company
SCOR Reinsurance Co.




[email protected]

SCOR Group subsidiaries:
SCOR Reinsurance company (U.S Subsidiary) New York, New York – U.S;
SCOR Global Life Reinsurance Company of America, Charlotte, North Carolina – U.S.A;
SCOR U.S Corporation – New York, New York U.S.A;

Person of interests:
Gilles Thivant – Director France

Reason for the color:
» SCOR works with Iran Reinsurance Company which is connected with designated Iran’s IRGC;
» IRGC Controls Iranian Reinsurance Companies

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