Iran’s Chief Banker Denies Currency Crisis

Iran denies challenges in obtaining foreign currency, contradicting tangible signs of shortages of vital imports in the Iranian market and a plummeting rial. Amid the government's faltering attempts to assert control

Iran’s Pension Funds Crisis

Iran’s pension funds are confronting a critical juncture, presenting the regime with a daunting decision-making challenge. The options on the table—either raising the retirement age or merging pension funds—come

Iran Printing Huge Sums Of Money Amid Rising Inflation

Iran’s former chief banker says the government has printed about $5.6 billion worth of national currency in the past year, aggravating the country’s inflation rate. Abdolnaser Hemmati, the former governor of

Iran says South Korea could release ‘Iranian funds’

Iran’s Fars News Agency reported on Tuesday that South Korea’s Foreign Minister has said that efforts to “transfer Iranian funds that were blocked in South Korea are continuing.” Iran has in the past targeted

World Bank Study Says Iran Facing Serious Economic Risks

Iran’s economy is facing significant medium-term internal and external risks, the World Bank’s Iran Economic Monitor (IEM) said in its latest report this month. While domestically, “there is a risk of escalating

Tax revenues in Iran increased by 50 percent

According to data from the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA), that was mentioned by IRNA, tax revenues in Iran increased by 50 percent over the first 5 months of the ongoing Iranian calendar year...
ifmat - Iran and Syria to enhance banking

Iran and Syria to enhance banking

Speaking at the meeting, Farzin said: “Monetary and banking cooperation between Iran and Syria is followed seriously and will increase in the short term.”