Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – Iran’s cancer

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - Iran's cancer

Iranians Against Humiliation, Abuse, Torture, Punishment!


[ Overview ]

IRGC’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the Islamic Republic’s political system against both external and internal threats. Besides that, IRGC operates a vast and powerful economic empire. These economic activities, which began soon after the Iran-Iraq War ended in the late 1980s, have expanded dramatically in the past decade, as Iran has struggled under the weight of international sanctions. As a result, the IRGC has emerged as the most important economic force in the country. The IRGC enjoys the blessing of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and, as a result, that of Iran’s Judiciary, as well. That is why the unfair advantage IRGC affiliates have over independent private firms, is allowed. IRGC is against global engagement and efforts to attract foreign investment. Nobody likes concurrency on the market, especially- at estimated population of over 81.000.000 Iranians

IRGC is composed of vicious men who are taking pride in their atrocities. Money from the businesses they own (metastasized in the Iranian system) are used for spreading violence and fear. They bring instability in the region and wider. IRGC knows that, if there are democratic changes in the country- everything will be lost. Every step of their way is violent, they take what they want (by force), make money, buy guns, threaten with wars, cause chaos... everything in order to preserve their power.

[ Military and security role ]


After the revolution, the Guards were responsible for putting down various leftist and ethnic insurgencies that broke out. The IRGC has also played an important role in suppressing groups that opposed Khomeini’s objectives.That is why with the blessing from the Supreme Leader IRGC is puppeteering with the Iranian Laws. IRGC is the Iran’s most powerful internal security force. Their forces number up to 150,000 men divided into land, sea and air forces. The IRGC land forces are estimated to number between 100,000 and 125,000. The IRGC’s navy may total as many as 20,000, and another 20,000 are in the IRGC naval forces. The Qods Force totals around 5,000. The Basij militia, which is subordinate to the Guards, can also mobilize hundreds of thousands of its members to defend Iran against a foreign invasion. Also the Law Enforcement Forces have become subordinate to the Guards. So IRGC have monopoly over the security and military occurrences in Iran.

The IRGC’s secretive Qods Force has trained and equipped proxy groups, such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Iraqi Shiite insurgents, and even elements of the Taliban.

The outcome of collaboration with Iranian firms, owned as they are, by the IRGC's members, means that not only Iranian economy, but also the world's economy will contribute in IRGC's terrorist agenda. This means that your money, will be poured out to the designated IRGC, and will result with providing huge sums of money for supplying guns, conducting training camps, carrying out attacks, financing other terrorist cells like Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban etc..

[ Economic giant and Political role ]

IRGC is considered as Iran’s primary political and economic actor! They currently dominate most sectors of the economy, from energy to construction, telecommunication to auto making, banking and finance. The IRGC as well controls an informal network of IRGC-affiliated private enterprises (privatized companies that were sold to IRGC officers at favorable terms). Beyond this, the IRGC was and still is, heavily involved in smuggling and covert procurement activities in response to economic sanctions. The Guards were awarded hundreds of no-bid government contracts in addition to billions of dollars in loans for construction, infrastructure and energy projects, during the reign of the former Revolutionary Guard, Ahmadinejad (2005 - 2013).IFMAT-IRGC-Cancer- Economic giant and Political role All this was gratitude to the IRGC - because of the victory on the 2005 election. Winning this elections could not have been possible without the active support of Khamenei and the Guards. Grateful (after the election), Ahmadinejad awarded the IRGC with more government loans and contracts. Guard members also won increasing control of Iran’s internal and national security organizations. Both, Ahmadinejad’s first and second cabinets included an average of seven to eight ministers with IRGC backgrounds.
This practice was inherited and continued to be used by every Iranian president.

The longer IRGC holds Iran in hand, that much more Iran will be isolated, the democratic order of the country will completely disappear, and the future of the Iranian people will be uncertain.

[ IRGC dark networks in Iran ]

⚠Iran infectious market is not safe for business. Guards have dominant political, economic, and security roles in Iran, therefore it's not safe to merge with Iranian companies - at all.

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Because, the list of the companies controlled by the IRGC is not final, doing business with any Iranian firm is uncertain. Allowing Iranian companies (controlled by the IRGC) to do business worldwide, will enable IRGC gaining money and disable Iranians from worthy life.

[ Conclusion ]

Violation of the human rights is everyday thing in Iran. People are denied freedom in many areas of life – from how they socialise and who they socialise with, to what they worship. Workers are not allowed to protest, young woman was harassed because her hijab was "too loose", farmers were being arrested- for protesting, woman went missing- after waving her hijab... At the same time while trying to intensify the atmosphere of intimidation and confrontation with the rising people who demand the overthrow of religious fascism ruling Iran, Iranian ordinary people live in misery. Iranian people are calling for regime change because they know that it is their only hope for freedom and democracy, despite risking arrest, imprisonment, torture and even execution.

We are pro-expansion of trade and investment of the Iranian ties with the West, but we are against designated terrorists infecting the world's economy.