Iran and Hezbollah are helping Houthis in Yemen

US special envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking said on Tuesday that Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commanders and Lebanese Hezbollah operatives are helping Houthi militants in Yemen to conduct strikes in

Iran sending attack drones to Sudan’s military

Iran is stepping up shipments of attack drones to the Sudanese military, further internationalizing the North African country’s civil war and potentially providing Tehran with a new ally through which to project

US Not Expecting Free and Fair Election in Iran

The US government censured Iran’s electoral system as “opaque” and “undemocratic”, just hours before polls opened in the country’s parliamentary elections on Friday. "I suspect that a great number of

What Iran-Russia missile transfers could really mean

Iran is claimed to have supplied Russia with hundreds of ballistic missiles capable of striking targets up to 700 km (435 miles) away. While both Iranian and Ukrainian officials have downplayed such reports, the

Yemeni Military: Iran Controls Houthi Naval Attacks

An Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit is directing Houthi military operations, including attacks on Red Sea navigation, Yemeni military sources told Asharq Al-Awsat, affirming that the Houthis have used up most of

Accused Iranian Agent Sues Tehran for Ruining His Life

An Iranian political scientist accused by the feds of covertly working for Tehran while lobbying the U.S. government is blaming the Islamic Republic for roping him into a situation that ultimately threatened to