ifmat - Quds Force network in Europe

Exposure – Quds Force network in Europe

The network is headed by Muhammad Negravi (Abu Amir), a Quds Force officer stationed in Syria. Negravi recruited Ali Kaddoura, a broker of Syrian origin who handled dozens of sources, most of them European.
ifmat - Iran will own shares in 3 Latin American refineries

Iranian plans to build oil refineries in Venezuela and Uruguay

As the Maduro administration in Venezuela continues to find ways to circumvent Washington’s unyielding pressure on its oil industry, the authorities in Caracas have disclosed a collaborative initiative with Iran that seeks to put a brake on ...
ifmat - Iran may urge India to restart oil import

Iran may urge India to restart oil import

Iran will nudge India towards reviving its procurement of discounted Iranian sweet crude during a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi that is likely to take place this Friday on the sidelines ...