The Corruption and Plunder of Endowments in Iran

Introduction: Endowments, known as “waqf” in Islamic tradition, have a noble purpose rooted in making private property available for public benefit, aiming to alleviate societal poverty. However, the transformation

Iran’s Economic Quagmire: Corruption and Crisis

Social and economic inequality is indeed a global problem. But when it comes to Iran under the ruling theocracy, the situation becomes more like an apartheid state, where, except for the ruling elites, the majority

Iran has no more funds blocked abroad over sanctions

Iran has no more blocked funds in other countries because of US sanctions after funds frozen in banks in South Korea and Iraq were released under an understanding with Washington, according to a senior Iranian

Iran’s regime is raising the price of gasoline

The creeping increase in the price of gasoline is a very disturbing news for Iran’s society, especially for the low-income classes and marginalized people. According to the state media, the government last year

Iran Says Frozen Assets Transferred To Swiss Bank

Iranian funds that had been blocked in South Korea were transferred to Switzerland’s central bank last week for transfer to Iran, South Korean media reported on Monday. Yonhap Infomax cited an unnamed currency…

Iran Sea Expo 2023 slated for late October

Speaking to the press on Monday, Gholamreza Rezaiyan said: “This event is planned to be held in line with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s emphasis on developing the marine economy.” According to Rezaiyan...