Endangering Europe – Guided by Heart

Endangering Europe – Guided by Heart

For Iran as nuclear power & EU under sharia

IFMAT-Mogherini Guided by Hart

Federica Mogherini daughter of Italian film director Flavio Mogherini, is born in Rome in 1973. By the age of 15, she has joined the Italian Communist Party. She studied politics at Sapienza University in Rome and her graduation paper was about “the relationship between religion and politics within Islam”. As the Italian Communist Party morphed into the Social Democrat Party, Mogherini morphed with it. Eventually (in 2001) she was named to the National Council of a new party, the Democrats of the Left.

Mogherini, has only eight months working experience as Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in 2014. Without any particular professional achievement, nor appropriate experience, since November 2014, she was assigned as High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, she is also Vice President of the EU Commission. Just like that, she was granted the chance to talk high politics.



Few facts about Mogherini

  • Elected by the European Council – not by EU citizens on democratic election;

  • In love with the Sharia way of living;

  • Hates Western culture/ society;

  • Grants Iran an atomic bomb & boost Iran’s economy for better support of global terrorism;

  • Historically illiterate;

  • Iran’s regime supporter. Especially support its monstrosity.

IFMAT_mogherini_with_hers_hero Mogherini met Arafat • Ramallah 2002.

Part form Mogherini’s speech:

Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and what matters most in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality.

Can we draw a conclusion from her speech, that something that first started as a love for Islam, developed in admiration toward sharia?

We need to show some humble respect for diversity. Diversity is the core feature of our European history, and it is our strength. … We need to understand diversity, understand complexity. … For this reason I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.

Starting with her graduation paper “the relationship between religion and politics within Islam” – what later developed as statement that “political Islam”, the proponents of Sharia, must have a legitimate place in Europe, only confirms that her love for Islam grows through the years, which makes her non-objective in her decision making, and also unfit for the position she’s holding. Basically, she hates everything that’s western.

For those of who don’t know ISIS is governed by sharia. Do you like what ISIS does?

Examples for some penal correctional measures according to sharia law…

IFMAT_camp_mogherini_sharia punishment3source:asianews.it

On June 24, 2015 (shortly before her trip to Vienna) Mogherini has held a speech:

Western media like to refer to Da’esh with the world “medieval”. This does not help much to understand the real nature of the threat we are facing. Da’esh is something completely new. This is a modern movement, reinterpreting religion in an innovative and radical way.

Than, on July 14, 2015 Mogherini went to Vienna to work with Obama to close the “nuclear deal” which means – help Iran build the atomic bomb and financially enable Iran to expand the support of global terrorism. She was even rewarded for her contribution in destabilizing Middle East, Europe and potential World War III. How nice!

The position she holds was arranged by a small circle of evil man, (who only want money, and don’t care about peace or stability) who noticed her ignorance, as a great opportunity to deliver their evil anti-Europe, anti-America and anti-Israel plan. That is why she’s welcomed in Iran!

Mogherini is appointed to say “thumbs up”, to every transaction with Iran. She is enabling a huge amount of money to get to the designated IRGC and other terrorist organizations like Hamas, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda etc.. Now she takes the right to provide companies legal cover to operate in Iran. This statute will allow European firms to recover damages from American measures and nullify any court ruling against them. Awesome!

Less worries for the greedy people who think only about filling their pockets with money, and don’t care about the constant disrespect of the so-called “nuclear deal”.

Maybe she’s trying to impose the thinking that something is changed in Iran?! But before the “nuclear deal” agreement and to this moment Iran is governed by the same regime, with the same hopes and dreams. Make money through illegal transactions with European companies, so the regime could finance different terrorist cells, also strengthen their nuclear power plant and attack first Israel, than the one guilty for making all of this possible – Europe.

Does Mogherini supports this? This is what’s happening in Iran!


Iran’s violations of the “nuclear deal” are everyday news! How is she going to protect the European citizens(that didn’t elected her!) as European Union Security Policy High Representative, when Iran will strength its military power and decides to attack some EU country?


The truth about Iran

To understand who leads Iran, you should know that during the negotiations in Vienna the supreme leader Khamenei placed on his official website a photo of himself using the Israeli flag as a doormat with the caption: “The Zionist regime is doomed.” During the negotiations in Vienna, Khamenei spoke to a huge crowd in which speech, he pointed America as the source of all evil. In the same time Assad in Syria, (who is financed by Iran) congratulated Ali Khamenei for his “great victory”.

For those who don’t know Iran celebrates yearly a special hate-Israel-day (Al-Quds-day) and a special hate-America or hate-Saudi Arabia-day.

The world is witness of constant threats, usage of words of hate, name-calling, orchestrating mess and hideous punishments in Iran. In this same time Mogherini grants Iran the atomic bomb, and wishes for resurrection of Iran’s economy to boost its support for terrorism.

Unlike Mogherini, we fight to restore democratic order, and refuse to take part in human rights abuses. We support people’s efforts to restore their dignity! We speak out against abuses committed by the Iranian government, and that is the right way how we help Iran and Iranians. Not by giving money to the designated terrorists that run the country at the moment!


Mogherini – if you were born and raised in Iran you wouldn’t be educated, public person because you wouldn’t have had the right of education and professional development, meeting with man, exposing yourself publicly… As any Iranian woman (since 11 February 1979), basic human rights would not have been applied for you!