Shot to Death Young Iranian Arab, by Iranian Security Forces

A rally staged by the people of Shadegan in southwest Iran and the resulting clashes with repressive forces continued for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, February 14.

On Monday, February 13, locals demonstrated and protested the killing of a young Iranian Arab by the name of Hassan Albu Ghabish after state security forces gunned him down on February 9.

Iranian regime authorities had banned the grieving family from holding any ceremony, saying they will only hand over the corpse if they bury him in the city of Qom, 700 kilometers from the young man’s hometown.

In measures aimed at reining in and controlling the February 13 demonstration the inhumane mullahs’ regime dispatched anti-riot units from neighboring cities and provinces, and arrested numerous leaders of the Albu Ghabish tribe. The security forces’ attacks on the protesters resulted in clashes that left a number of protesters injured. The angry crowd responded by setting a local police station on fire.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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