Alstevia Dirga Deraya

PT. Alstevia Dirga Deraya bought goods from the United States, then worked with HRM Enterprise to send the products to Sepehr Ghoghnoos Kish in Iran

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This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

The Justice Department accuses Faghihi and Moulaei of partnering with Alfrets Kaunang, a businessman in the Indonesian province of West Java, and his son Arnold Kaunang. The pair operate the Indonesian company PT. Alstevia Dirga Deraya. According to the firm’s website, it is a provider of “total aircraft support” and “aircraft spare parts.” The website’s “Aircraft Capabilities” section further suggests that PT. Alstevia Dirga Deraya can service several types of Soviet- and U.S.-origin military aircraft;

Over the course of the scheme, PT. Alstevia Dirga Deraya bought goods from the United States, then worked with HRM Enterprise to send the products to Sepehr Ghoghnoos Kish in Iran;

U.S. authorities highlighted 2018 as the scheme’s most successful year. During that time, the Kaunangs used PT. Alstevia Dirga Deraya to seek 52 types of U.S.-manufactured components for aircraft on behalf of IAMI; the indictment includes a table listing orders for thousands of bearings, bolts, circuit breakers, end caps, grommets, locknuts, nuts, pins, rings, and washers from companies in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. Sepehr Ghoghnoos Kish then received the shipments in Iran. HRM Enterprise gave the Kaunangs at least $40,000 for the purchases;

In several instances described in the indictment, it remains unclear whether the goods that IAMI requested were delivered to Iran. Between January and March 2019, for example, Moulaei collaborated with the Kaunangs to buy $30,000 of components for aircraft from U.S. companies, routing the shipments through Singapore. However, the indictment fails to clarify what happened after that point. In a similar case, Faghihi directed Moulaei in February 2019 to seek the Kaunangs’ assistance with the acquisition of U.S.-made products worth $250,000. The Kaunangs procured some of the products from a supplier in Maryland, which delivered the goods to Singapore. Once again, though, the narrative stops there;

As early as July 2016, Faghihi pressed Moulaei to obtain over $45,000 in U.S.-manufactured goods for IAMI’s aircraft. While Moulaei was exchanging messages with the Kaunangs at that time, it is not known whether Faghihi’s directive resulted in any successful shipments;

Aviation Industry

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PT. Alstevia Dirga Deraya


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» Iranian Military Employs Indonesian Front Companies;