Cosailing Business Trading Company Limited

Top Alert - Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entity

Status:Top Alert – Entity designated / sanctioned for terror, WMD and human rights violation

Risk Level:99%

May harm your business future. Persons or entities that engage in transactions with this entity will be exposed to sanctions or subject to an enforcement action.

Working with this entity means supporting Iranian Regime, Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

A China-based company that has supplied Abdollah Asgharzadeh and Tenny Darian with dual-use items, including U.S.-origin goods, for shipment to Iran; items procured by Asgharzadeh and Darian were ultimately bound for Shahid Hemat Industrial Group (SHIG) for use in Iran’s ballistic missile program;

Supplies gyroscopes and accelerometers with aerospace and military applications;

Products include fiber-optic and dynamically-tuned gyroscopes, linear accelerometers, navigation systems, quartz chips for gyroscopes,and metallurgical microscopes; other products include hydraulic equipment, pumps, valves, and gas meters;

Also supplies vacuum sintering furnaces;

In December 2015, made a shipment of plastic/ethylene products to Iran;

In August 2015, made a shipment of control cable to Strip Technology Inc. in the United States;

Cosailing Business Trading Company Limited is being designated for providing, or attempting to provide, financial, material, technological, or other support for, or goods or services in support of, Asgharzadeh;

Richard Yue Serves as sales manager for Cosailing Business Trading Co. Ltd.;

Richard Yue is being designated for providing or attempting to provide financial or material support for Abdollah Asgharzadeh, purchased goods from other China-based suppliers on behalf of Abdollah Asgharzadeh;

Also Known As:
Cosailing Business Trading Company
Cosailing Business Trade Company

Involved In:
Missile Weapon Program



-Room 2808 No. 1 Building 98 Nanjing Road Shinan District Qingdao City, 266071, China
-20-4-402 No. 55 Baishahe Road Road Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China
-No. 55, Huangheli, Business Trade Building, Shanghai, 200100, China

+86 (0) 532 86026526
+86 51097783



Person of interests:
Richard Yue

Reason for the color:
» Added on February 3rd, 2017 to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), freezing his assets under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibting transactions with U.S. parties, pursuant to Executive Order 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems;