Mohsen Hashemi

Mohsen Hashemi, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering from a Canadian university, was involved in the IRGC missile project for at least four years, based on his September 2011 interview with Khabaronline

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Mohsen Hashemi, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering from a Canadian university, was involved in the IRGC missile project for at least four years, based on his September 2011 interview with Khabaronline;

Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani is an Iranian politician, academic and engineer who currently serves as member and chairman of City Council of Tehran. He was the deputy director of Iran’s Islamic Azad University from 2013 until 2017 and chairman and CEO of Tehran Metro for 13 years. He was the main reformist member candidate for the fourth period of the Tehran city council in 2013 as Tehran Mayor, but lost to Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. In 2017, he was elected as a city councilor and later was elected as chairman of the council;

Mohsen Hashemi has been on the board of several companies including:

1. Refah Cultural Bonyad (linked to Mohsen Rafiqdoust) as a board member since 2007.

2. Tehran Metro Company as CEO, board chairman, and vice chairman for a decade (2003–2013) until he was replaced with Habibollah Bourbour.

3. Tehran Metro Station Complexes Development Co as a board member.

4. Iran Rail Association as board chairman.

5. Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Operation (TUSRO) as board chairman and vice chairman until 2013.

6. Tamadon Azad Pars Tourism Development Co.

Mohsen Hashemi worked with:
– Habil Darvishi (board chairman), who was also the CEO of the Tehran Metro Company. He went on to become the CEO of Mofid Economic Group (EIKO) and then the CEO of the Police Co-operative Foundation.

– Jafar Rabiei (board member), who has ties to companies like Rasaneh Mehr Vatan (BTS), Kowsar Markazi Credit Institute (BTB), Ezam Management and Operation Co. (Ezam Group, Abbas Iravani3), and Parsian Oil and Gas Development (Ghadir Investment, Armed Forces).

Rabiei is the CEO of the US Treasury–sanctioned Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co (PGPIC) and deputy of projects and planning for the Defense Industries Organization (Armed Forces). He had a stint at the Expediency Council, and there were rumors that he was a contender for oil minister in Ebrahim Raisi’s administration.

– Mohammad Ahmadi Bafandeh (board member), a graduate of Imam Hussein University, an IRGC military academy. Bafandeh has ties to various Bonyad-owned entities such as Kowsar Agricultural Investment Co (BS) and Chemi Darou Kowsar (BS), Metra Consulting Engineers (BTS), and Iran Marine Service (Ghadir Investment). Bafandeh has previously been the mayor of Qom and Tehran’s district 1.

– Ali Mohammad Qoliha (CEO, board member), son-in-law of eulogist Mansour Arzi’s brother. Arzi is close to the supreme leader and has trained many of the Islamic Republic’s hardline eulogists including Mahmoud Karimi, who in 2014 brandished a gun and shot a few rounds during a road rage incident. ْQoliha previously had positions on the board of SAIPA, a carmaker with strong ties to BTS. He also enjoys close ties with Majles speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf. According to reports, Qalibaf was set to replace his executive deputy in the Majles, Hamid Aslani4, with Qoliha. However, because of Qalibaf’s secretive appointments and dismissals, it is not clear whether or not he was eventually appointed to a parliamentary position. Qalibaf did, however, put Qoliha in charge of Ebrahim Raisi’s inauguration ceremony.

– Seyyed Jafar Tashakori Hashemi (board chairman, board member), a member of the Qalibaf network.

Involved In:
Nuclear Weapon Program
Missile Weapon Program

Also Known As:
Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani
Mohsen Hashemi Bahremani

24 October 1961


Tehran, Iran

Reason for the color:
» The Rafsanjani Children, Part 1: Mohsen Hashemi;