Khayyam Tarabar

Khayyam Tarabar Transport Company is an Iranian entity that has links to both other transport companies in Iran as well as other UAE-based entities

Status:High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Risk Level:89%

May harm your business future.

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

Khayyam Tarabar has had long standing cooperation with famous Shipping Companies / Int’l Transporters /Trading Companies/ Great Industrial Companies and during this Business gained great experience in all Shipping aspects , relying on its professional and experienced staff Logistics supports. KTTS provides an International Transportation Services to Afghanistan , C.I.S. destinations , ex Europe , Far East or China;

C.I.S. destination are:
Tashkent / Samarqand / Bukhara in Uzbekistan
Dushanbeh / khujand in Tajikistan
Eshgabat / Charjoo / Mari / Balkan Abad in Turkmenistan
Almaty / Aktau in Kazakhstan
Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan

Khayyam Tarabar Transport Company (KTTS) is also mentioned in Tufekci’s website. The Company is an Iranian entity that has links to both other transport companies in Iran as well as other UAE-based entities. According to its website, KTTS mainly imports and exports to and from Afghanistan, ex-Soviet bloc countries (particularly to C.I.S countries) and the far east. According to its profile in a Chinese traders forum, the company specializes mainly in Chemicals, Computer Products, Electrical & Electronics, Service, Tools & Hardware. In addition, KTTS claims to be the exclusive agents of the following companies: Persepolis Shipping and Containers (Russia), Sea Marine Logistics (India), Parsim (Italy) and Grand Modal (China);

Khayyam mentions another company which it acts as its exclusive agent – “Doris Shipping & Forwarding Co. LLC” (DSFC) from the UAE. In fact, both companies are managed by the same CEO, Amin Rezazadeh. This means that Doris is either a subsidiary or affiliate of Khayyam. Doris Shipping and Khayyam are also linked to another UAE-based shipping company called “Naveed Shipping and Forwarding”. The latter is in fact a subsidiary or agent of Doris Shipping and the two even share the same address;

Tufekci is a pivotal link in the Iranian chain of supply. Tufekci transfers a wide range of cargo to Iran, including chemicals. Ranging from industrial machinery, heavy machinery, luxury cars, chemicals and more. Includes the purchase of dual-use machinery, including CNC machines which play an essential part in the Iranian missilery project;

Shipping & Int’l Transportation
Customs Services-Customs Release

Also Known As:
Khayyam Tarabar Co.LTD.
Khayyam Tarabar Company
Khayyam Tarabar Co.
Khayyam Tarabar Company Limited
Khayyam Tarabar Co. Ltd.


Apt.10, 4th Floor, No.28, 3rd St.,Khalid Eslamboli (Vozara) Ave., Postal Code:1513633716/Tehran – Iran




Reason for the color:
» Tüfekçi Trans ve Lojistik – The dangerous and Complex Web of Land, Sea and Air Transport to Iran;