Naveed Shipping and Forwarding

Risk Level:
unknown %

Risk Alert – Entity in a problematic sector - Sector controlled by the Top Alert entities

Doris Shipping and Khayyam are linked to UAE-based shipping company called “Naveed Shipping and Forwarding”. The latter is in fact a subsidiary or agent of Doris Shipping and the two even share the same address. More importantly, while the websites of Doris Shipping and Khayyam do not disclose any information regarding their affiliation, Naveed claims that Khayyam Tarabar is its sister-company. What seems more likely is that Naveed acts as a buffer between Doris and Khayyam allowing the former to interact with other agents in its global network, that includes one based in New York;

Both companies are managed by the same CEO, Amin Rezazadeh;

Khayyam Tarabar Transport Company (KTTS) is mentioned in Tufekci’s website. The Company is an Iranian entity that has links to both other transport companies in Iran as well as other UAE-based entities;

Tufekci is a pivotal link in the Iranian chain of supply. Tufekci transfers a wide range of cargo to Iran, including chemicals. Ranging from industrial machinery, heavy machinery, luxury cars, chemicals and more. Includes the purchase of dual-use machinery, including CNC machines which play an essential part in the Iranian missilery project;

Shipping Industry

United Arab Emirates

Person of interests:
Amin Rezazadeh

Reason for the color:
» Tüfekçi Trans ve Lojistik – The dangerous and Complex Web of Land, Sea and Air Transport to Iran;

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