Noted for conducting business with U.S. and Iranian designated-banks. Bank Melli Iran and Aresbank of Spain to Expand Ties

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“Top representatives of Bank Melli Iran, the country’s biggest bank, and Spain’s Aresbank met on Tuesday to prepare the ground for expanding ties in the near future.” (“Bank Melli Iran Enhancing Ties with Spain’s Aresbank,” 2/28/2018);

Bank Melli is Iran’s largest bank, wholly owned by the government of Iran, that provides financial support for entities engaged in Iran’s nuclear and missile programs;

Noted for conducting business with U.S. and Iranian designated-banks – (Avi Jorisch, “Iran’s dirty banking,” 2010);

In January 2017, the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”), based on information obtained from the Indian Embassy in Tehran, named Aresbank, S.A. (“Aresbank”) as one of a number of international banks with correspondent banking relationships with Iranian banks. (RBI Website, “FAQs [Names of International banks which have entered into a correspondent banking relationship with Iranian banks],” 1/19/2017);

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Ares bank




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» Iran’s Dirty Banking – May 2010;