Risk Level:
89% May harm your business future;

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Negarandish Company was founded in 1999 and now presents technical consulting and engineering services, management, economics and financial engineering in 4 areas, “Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals”, “metallurgical and mine”, “electricity and energy” and “transport and tourism”.

Oil, gas and petrochemical sector in Iran is sanctioned by the United States Treasury Department.

Negarandish Company is working with sanctioned Iranian entities which are owned or controlled by the Iranian government or the terrorist organization IRGC.

From Oil and Energy Sector, Negarandish Company worked with:
Iran Oil Pension Fund Investment Company (OPIC), Iranian National Oil Engineering & Construction Company, Industrial Development and Renovation Organization, Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company, Iranian National Gas Export Company, Abadan Refinery Company, Anahita Refinery Company, Kangan Petro Refining Company, Kimyagaran Emrooz Chemical Industrial Company and Ghaed Bassir Petrochemical Products Company.

Metals and Mining Sector:
National Iranian Steel Company, Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company, Khoozestan and Oksin Steel Company, Shahid Bahonar Copper Industrial Company, Iranian Minerals Production and Supply Company, Sareheshmeh Copper Investment Company, Goharzamin Iron Ore Comapny, Tehran Gilan Ilam & Khoy Cement Company, Pars, Sina & Irana Tile Company.

Water and Electricity:
Ministry of Power, Iranian Energy Efficiency Organization, Iranian Grid Management Company, Tehran Electric Energy Distribution Company, Khoozestan Electric Energy Distribution Company, Kordestan Electric Energy Distribution Company, Ilam Electric Energy Distribution Company, Markazi Electric Energy Distribution Company, Iran Water Resources Management Company, National Water & Wastewater Eng. Co, Saba Power & Electricity Industrial Company, Melli Sakhteman Company, Farab Company.

Representatives of Negarandish Company held a meeting with BUSS ChemTech from Switzerland, according to the official website of Negarandish Company. Buss ChemTech is the leader in the engineering and supply of plants and equipment for gas-liquid reactions, phosgene generation, fluorine chemistry and green anode production. According to BUSS ChemTech website, they are working in Iran trough PTH Global SDN.BHD;

Mohammad Amooie (Position: Head of board of director and CEO) and Matiyar Merati (Position: Vice Chairman of the Board & Main Member) are representing Negarandish Consulting Engineering;

Also Known As:
Negarandish Engineers
Negarandish Consulting Engineers
Negarandish Consulting Engineering
Negarandish Consulting Engineering Co.
Negarandish Consulting Engineering Company


Negarandish Consulting Engineers Building, NO.15, Mehmandoost Alley, Saboonchi Street, Beheshti Avenue, Tehran




Person of interests:
Mohammad Amooie (Position: Head of board of director and CEO)
Matiyar Merati (Position: Vice Chairman of the Board & Main Member)

Reason for the color:
» Negarandish Consulting Engineers is working with sanctioned Iranian entities;

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