Iran Regime’s Export of Terrorism and Meddling Condemned by 55 Arab، Islamic Countries

Leaders and senior officials of 55 Arab, Islamic countries and U.S. met in Riyadh. In their final statement, they strongly condemned the clerical regime’s policy on terrorism and meddling in the region. Four paragraphs of the final statement of the summit is dedicated to interference, terrorism and ballistic missile program of clerical regime.

The statement has emphasized: “The present leaders in that meeting had decisively rejected Iran’s destabilizing efforts on the region, the world and continuous support for terrorism and extremism. They were committed through joint coordination to increase their efforts to monitor regional and global security and resolutely deal with despicable and destructive activities of Iran’s regime within their countries. They also stressed the danger of Iran’s regime’s ballistic missile program and condemned Iranian regime’s continuing violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations”.

The statement of Arab leaders, Islamic countries and America in Riyadh Conference also reiterated: The present leaders in Riyadh meeting condemned Iranian regime’s hostile sentiments, and the continuation of Iranian regime’s interference in the internal affairs of other countries, which is a clear violation of international law, and principles of good neighborliness, are doomed and stressed the need to deal with these acts.

The Riyadh summit’s final statement also said: “leaders in the summit stressed…..a historical change in the Arabic-Islamic relations with the United States. The leaders stressed strong commitment of their countries to combat terrorism in all its forms …”

The participated leaders in the summit represent more than one billion people and it is noteworthy that In addition to the GCC countries, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Albania, Lebanon, Libya and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas were among those attending the summit.

The observers and reporters have considered the presence of head of states and top officials of 55 Arab, Islamic and America an exceptional event and stressed the fact that absence of Iranian regime and Syria’s dictator were significant.

Source » ncr-iran

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