Iran-based Mehvar Machine Co., one of Komatsu's authorized distributors, participated in Iran's 14th international oil show in 2009. Komatsu's other authorized distributor in Iran, Behrad Tehran, mentions the use of its products in sensitive sectors, proclaiming on its website

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Komatsu Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a global heavy industry manufacturer that produces and sells construction equipment, mining equipment, and industrial machinery. Komatsu is the second largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world, behind Caterpillar. Komatsu has a U.S. affiliate, Komatsu American Corp. In the past decade, Komatsu has received $39.39 million dollars in U.S. federal contracts, 90 percent of which came from the Defense Department (;

The machinery that Komatsu makes available to Iran has a wide application in the oil and mining industries, both of which are key to the Iranian economy;

Komatu’s Middle East subsidiary, Komatsu Middle East FZE, has an office in Tehran. Iran Komatsu has its own website in Iran (“”). According to the Iranian website, they are working with Italpart MBK;

Al-Bonyan for Engineering and Contracting Company uses heavy machinery manufactured by Komatsu (Japan). Al-Bonyan for Engineering and Contracting Company is affiliated with Hizballah that regularly receives lucrative contracts financed by international organizations as well as the Lebanese government;

The Iranian company HEPCO lists Komatsu products under license on its company website. (HEPCO Website, “Under License.”);

Iran Alumina Company is using Komatsu equipment. According to the company’s website, Iran Alumina Company is working on projects with IMIDRO, China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co, Ltd, Iran Aluminum Company, Hamgam Ettesal Fanavaran Company, Saman Energy, Namvaran, Jundao (Henan) New Materials Co.,Ltd.;

Iran-based Mehvar Machine Co., one of Komatsu’s authorized distributors, participated in Iran’s 14th international oil show in 2009 (Iran’s 14th Oil Show, Exhibitors List). Mehvar Machine Co. sells Komatsu machinery and spare parts, and offers customer training, service, and repairs (Mehvar Machine Co. Website). According to this website, Komatsu products that Mehvar sells include hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders, crawler dozers, bulldozers, dump trucks, lift trucks, containers, and Komatsu accessories;

Komatsu’s other authorized distributor in Iran, Behrad Tehran, mentions the use of its products in sensitive sectors, proclaiming on its website that “Our Process division offers engineering machinery and turn-key projects in almost all fields of industry, mainly oil & gas, petrochemical, polymer & plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverages, pulp & paper, cement, and industries related to processing” (Behrad Tehran Website);

In 2004, Komatsu made an agreement with Hepcoy, an Iranian industrial and mining company, to have Komatsu bulldozers produced in Iran. According to Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Takekezu Kawamura, Japanese companies had “invested more than $2 billion in Iranian oil and gas sectors” by 2004;

Komatsu is listed as a participating company at the 14th International Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services & Related Industries which takes place October 27-30th, 2016 in Tehran Iran;

Also Known As:
Engineering and Construction


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Person of interests:
Hiroyuki Ogawa – (President and CEO)
Tetsuji Ohashi – (Chairman of the Board)

Reason for the color:
» Hizballah and Al-Bonyan for Engineering and Contracting Company;
» Behrad Tehran Company is representative of Terex cranes;