Jetpower Industrial, Ltd.

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Medium Alert – Entity sanctioned in the past for Terror or Illicit activities / WMD related / Human rights violations

Reportedly retained by Iranian officials and acted as a front in purchasing Microturbo SA TRI-60 turbojet engines, components and technical assistance from France and China for C-802 anti-ship missiles;

Reportedly has repeatedly purchased arms illicitly for Iran, according to U.S. officials;

In 1993, reportedly pleaded guilty in Hong Kong to smuggling $2.5 million worth of U.S. fighter jet parts to Iran;

Also Known As:
Jetpower Industrial
Jetpower Industrial, Limited

Involved In:
Military Weapon Program

Hong Kong

Reason for the color:
» On May 2, 2008 was listed in The Unverified List includes names, countries, and last known addresses of foreign persons involved in export transactions with respect to which: the Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”) could not conduct a pre license check;

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