Risk Level:
89% May harm your business future;

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Lavan Energy Development Co. (LEDCO) has been established by a group of oil & gas industry experts with decades of experience working in well-known Iranian and Middle-Eastern oil & gas companies. With great knowledge of Middle-East market, understanding of major regional client’s expectations and strong relations to European experts and technology holders, LEDCO management team continuously strives to excel the region’s industry by bringing together the both ends and create opportunities to the best interest of all key stakeholders including client, technologist, contractor, and financier.

According to their website they are working in:

– In Oil & Gas, as one of our strongest sectors, we provide a variety of solutions including Engineering, EP or EPC contracting, MC, Technology, and Finance, through our partners. Our services encompass all sections of the industry from offshore & subsea activities, to refinery and petrochemical plants.

– LEDCO brings know-how and experience from multinational mining companies expert in extraction, development and mine operation for metals, fossil fuels, and energy reservoirs. Our partners capabilities in mining sector covers a wide range including developing process plant, tailings facilities, and utilities.

Oil & Gas and Mining sectors in Iran are controlled by the terrorist organization IRGC. Income from oil and gas industry is used for funding terrorist organizations, organizing terrorist attacks and building new weapons.

Lavan Energy Development is working with:
1. Entrepose Group
– Including: Entrepose Contracting, Entrepose Drilling, Entrepose Projets, Entrepose Industries, Entrepose Services, Geostock, Geocean, Spiecapag, Vinci Environment

2. A&T Aventa-Technoconsult
– Multidisciplinary oil & gas engineering upstream & downstream

3. Eiffage
– Infrastructure, Energy, Roads & Transport, PPPs, and Public Works

4. Matiere
– Infrastructure, Roads and Transport, Bridges, Tunnels, and Public Works

5. Maguin
– Agro-Industry Technologist & Manufacturer

6. Hyseo
– Renewable Energy

7. Aldelia
– Human Resource & Man Power Supply

8. BERG Chilling Systems Inc.
– Industrial Refrigeration & Process Temperature Control Solutions

– High Pressure Heat Exchangers and Special Materials Heat Exchangers Manufacturer

10. ADF
– Smart industrial solutions, integration, maintenance engineering, process modernization or reduction of environmental impacts

– Leading single source supplier of complete piping packages, fitting, flanges and manufacturer of specialty valves

12. Icare-Group
– Turn Key Projects: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Water & Waste Water

– UFCE is a onestop expert resource provider for industrial fluid flow solutions

– TECNIPLANT was established with the aim of designing and manufacturing solid-liquid separation filters and special machinery for mining, tunnel building and road work applications

Oil and Gas


2nd Floor, No. 23, Sixth St., Arabali (Nobakht) St., Khoramshahr (Apadana) Ave., Tehran, Iran



Reason for the color:
» Lavan Energy Development is working in IRGC-controlled oil industry;

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