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Risk Level:
89% May harm your business future;

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Seyed Mohammadali Mousavi is involved in money laundering and circumvention of US sanctions against Iran. Mousavi is using German nationals and companies to cover his and the Iranian government tracks and to establish banking accounts to facilitate laundering money. Mousavi report directly to Hassan Abghari; Mousavi is the ring leader and was Iranian Ambassador to Canada previously. He is currently the executive director of IHAG (IFIC Holding AG Company) a company already under US sanctions and has have been flagged in many places around the world including France and Portugal.

2012 – Vahid Mahmoudi establishes Denamond, (Designated IFIC and IHAG owns Denamond) a German company held by EIC. At that time Markus Jansen is named CEO but is relieved by Mahmoudi in 2015. In 2018 Seyed Mousavi is nominated CEO of Denamond, while he is still CEO of IFIC.

2018 – IFIC is merged with IHAG and the CEO of IHAG, Parviz Mardani (guided by Seyed Mousavi) establishes another company instead, namely Parsimmo (early 2019) only to change the name into something more German and less suspicious, namely Rheinbach Investment GmbH;

IFIC (Iranian Foreign Investment Company), was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Iranian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. The Company was established in order to manage and expand Iran’s holdings abroad. Initially, IFIC also acted as the investment arm of the “Oil stabilization Fund” (a fund created to invest Iran’s oil revenues). The fund is today known as the “National Development Fund”. IFIC has interests in various fields such as: energy, telecom and IT, banking, insurance, stock markets, industry, mining, oil, gas and petrochemicals, as well as new and future technologies. The Company currently holds interests in countries worldwide including Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Namibia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Sudan. On March 8, 2010, IFIC and its holding Company, Ihag (based in Dusseldorf, Germany) were designated by OFAC. Iranian Regime uses these companies to circumvent sanctions;

In interview he says that Iran provides support for terror groups fighting for independence and against occupation, such as Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, but that Iran does not support terrorism. Mousavi was interviewed by correspondent Linden MacIntyre in February 2002;

Financial Services

Also Known As:
Seyed Mousavi
Seyed Mohammad Ali Mousavi




Iran Foreign Investment Company (IFIC) and ASCOTEC

Reason for the color:
» Khamenei established a new financial structure for procuring sophisticated WMD equipment through the Deutsche Börse;

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