Triadi Senna Kuntjoro

Risk Level:
99% May harm your business future; Persons or entities that engage in transactions with this entity will be exposed to sanctions or subject to an enforcement action;

Working with this entity means supporting Iranian Regime, Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

Top Alert – Entity designated / sanctioned for terror, WMD and human rights violation

U.S. Department of Commerce, through its Office of Export Enforcement (“OEE”) investigation has established that Triadi Senna Kuntjoro, Sunarko Kuntjoro’s son, is also connected to PTAK and involved in business activities on behalf of Mahan Air. In addition to his awareness of the December 2019 export detained by OEE as referenced above, Triadi Senna Kunjoro was also involved in the February 2017 negotiations between PTAK and Mahan Air as referenced above as well. Specifically, on February 7, 2017, Triadi Senna Kuntjoro sent his father Sunarko Kuntjoro a document titled, “MoU W5-AK-3.docx”. The attachment was a memorandum of understanding between Mahan Air and PTAK, with Triadi Senna Kuntjoro listed as a managing director of PTAK.[4] The purpose of the memorandum of understanding was to define the scope of the working relationship between “W5 [Mahan Air] and Antasena [PTAK] with respect to aviation industry for purchasing, repair, consultant and Start Printed Page 52323forwarding the aircraft parts for W5 [Mahan Air].”;

Jakarta-based aerospace executive Sunarko Kuntjoro supplied Mahan with new and refurbished spare aircraft parts between 2011 and 2018, concealing their actual destination by routing the shipments through front companies in Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Kuntjoro, the majority owner and president of PT MS Aero Support in Jakarta, falsely claimed that the parts were intended for Indonesian air carriers and suppliers, court filings say;

Sunarko Kuntjoro contacted Mahan Air, copying Triadi Senna Kuntjoro on the correspondence, about the need to conceal their activities by using a company other than PTMS Aero for procuring aircraft parts. Specifically, Sunarko Kuntjoro states, in part, that “[a]s proposed during the meeting with mr O[veici], he recommended to use other company name besides of MS aero . . . I have established the company name Kandiyasa Energi Utama [PTKEU] . . . The person incharge is Triadi Sena Sunarko . . . I also in this company . . . so everytime you send the rfq [request for quote] for tools and equipment ONLY, you will get quotation from KANDIYASA” (typographical errors in original communication). When subsequently questioned by OEE via email in June 2013 regarding the export of aircraft engines subject to the Regulations, Sunarko Kuntjoro and Mostafa Oveici expressed concerns with each other that their activities had been discovered and discussed the need to avoid email correspondence and discuss the matter in person because “there may be a leak in the system that jeopardize all transaction[s].”;

As further alleged in the indictment, in February 2017, Sunarko Kuntjoro and PTAK negotiated with Mahan Air to have PTAK purchase, repair, and refurbish aircraft parts for the benefit of Mahan. Mahan Air would send the parts to PTAK via a freight forwarder in Singapore. PTAK would then remove any references to Mahan Air or Iran and then have the parts forwarded to the United States for repair via a different freight forwarder located in Hong Kong;

Aviation Industry


Mth Square Building, No. B9B, Jl. Mt. Haryono Kav 10, East Jakarta 13330, Indonesia
Jalan Wijaya No 75, Jakarta Selatan 12170 Indonesia

Reason for the color:
» Indonesian Citizen and Three Indonesian Companies Charged with Violating U.S. Export Laws and Sanctions Against Iran – 08/25/2020;

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