Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation

Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation is controled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), and Supreme Leader of Iran;

IRGC (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps) is military organization in Iran, considered separate from the regular armed forces, it’s main activity is supplying weapons, money and drugs to terrorist organizations, destabilize other countries, involved in planning and support for terrorist acts and groups, personnel sanctioned for missile and nuclear proliferation activities;

Reportedly purchased chemicals, equipment for the nuclear program, and spare parts for Iranian fighter-bombers;

Manages more than 400 companies and factories, owns the Ghods chain of stores and the Bonyad Export and Import Company (BEXIM);

Oversees the following companies Alborz, Aliaf, Aliaf P.P.Azar, Bonyad, Baftehaie Kerman, Baresh, Behran, Bonyad Parkett Keshvary, Blour Yazd, Bonyad Aluminium Iran, Caolinit, Daftar Abzar, Damavand Mining Company, Doona Mining, Ekbatana, Eshtiyagh, Holeh Laleh, Irana, Iran Abzar, Iran Choob, Iran Footwear, Iran Kork, Iran Parto, Iran Pouya, Iran Tire, Jahan, Kaben, Kaveh, Khalkhal Neopan, Kordestan Textile, Laleh Naghsh, Novaform, Nezam Abad, Pakris, Panbeh Ghabos, Panbeh Shahid Beheshti, Pars Choob, Rey, Sanate Choobe Shomal, Sanaye Korke Kashan, Saveh Tile, Selkbaf, Sitco, Somic, Tabchem, Tizro, Tizro Trading Company, Tebed, and Ziba;

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Known as:
Foundation of the Oppressed
Bonyad Mostazafan
Janfazan Foundation



Involved In:
Military Weapon Program

Africa Square, P.O. Box 14155-3988, Tehran


Reason for the color:
» Mostazafan foundation is supervised by the Supreme Leader who appoints its directors;
» Property of the Mustafa Foundation is in the hands of the supreme leader;
» The Revolutionary Guards’ Looting of Iran’s Economy;
» Controlled by designated Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC);
British government in February 1998 as having procured goods and/or technology for weapons of mass destruction programs;

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