Sorinet Commercial Trust

Medium Alert – Entity sanctioned in the past for terror, WMD and human rights violation

Sorinet Commercial Trust has assisted Iranian entities in evading international sanctions;

Provides international banking services, including exporting and importing services and international processing of payments;

Part of Sorinet Group, which is owned or controlled by Babak Morteza Zanjani, an Iranian national who allegedly used companies he controlled to assist the Iranian government in evading international sanctions;

Sorinet Commercial Trust was used by the Naftiran Intertrade Company Ltd (NICO), which is owned by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), to facilitate transactions worth tens of millions of dollars between Pars Oil and Gas and Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA);

Financed a contract worth over $200 million on behalf of International Safe Oil (ISO) in May 2012; received a transfer from the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) of approximately 300 million euros;

Also Known As:
Sorinet Commercial Trust Bankers Ltd.
SCT Bankers
SCT Bankers Kish Company (PJS)
SCT Bankers Company Branch


United Arab Emirates

– Sadaf Tower, 3rd Floor, Suite No. 301, Kish Island, Iran
– P.O. Box 31988, Dubai, UAE
– 1808, 18th Floor, Grosvenor House Commercial Tower, Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
– Reahi Alley, First of Karaj, Maksous Road 9, Tehran, Iran

0097 14 3257022-99, +98 764 444 32 341 -2, 09347695504

INFO@SCTBankers. com

Reason for the color:
» Added to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on April 11, 2013, pursuant to Executive Order 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems;
» Removed from the SDN list in January 2016 as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action;
» Listed by the European Union on December 21, 2012 as an entity linked to Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran’s development of nuclear weapon delivery systems;
» Removed from the E.U. list in January 2016 as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action;

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