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Khamenei’s Blueprint for Iranian Regime’s Next Government

In the political upheaval following the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of senior Iranian officials, all indicators reveal that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s top priority is to demonstrate ...
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Mixed Reactions Among Iranian Regime Insiders Over Israeli Attack

While certain Iranian regime figures advocate for a military retaliation to the Israeli strike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, others propose a measured response to avoid escalation. Former Iranian ...
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Iranian Government Unaware of IRGC Retaliatory Attack

A former minister has revealed that the administration of former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was not informed in advance of a retaliatory attack on an American base following the ...
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ifmat - The dark side of the Iranian revolution

The dark side of the Iranian revolution

As if the Iranian regime needs a dark side, darker than mass executions, darker than a recurring clandestine nuclear weapons program, darker than brutal oppression of minorities, and promoting ...
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Tehran Beating On Drums Of Hamas War Against Israel

President Ebrahim Raisi and other regime officials praised Gazan militants for their terror attacks on Israel, but many ordinary Iranians resent this support. Following separate phone talks Sunday with ...
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Kurds Do Not Take Orders from Tehran

In late June 2023, Iranian-affiliated media outlets reported that the Kurds of Iraq signed a “secret weapons deal with the Devil,” namely, the United States. Responding to a question ...
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